Ensuring a healthy way of life…

The team at Pataka has put the benefit and happiness of the society around it at the top of its priority-list for decades. Thus, venturing into the field of healthcare with its 150 bedded G.D. Hospital and Diabetes Institute (GDDI) in Kolkata is an absolutely heartfelt step for the company, adding to the portfolio of efforts to ensure a healthy journey of life for all. The multi-specialty hospital is manned by renowned doctors who bring a world of experience with them. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and top notch infrastructure to counter any medical problem to the best of abilities. Also keeping in mind the effect of rising health expenses on the poorer sections of the society, GD Hospitalprovides the most affordable medical solutions and

100 clinics every day in specialized areas too. It has already earned a reputation for its special Diabetes Care wing.
The Pataka Team strictly follows the principle of benevolence and is committed to healing the world with responsibility. It foresees itself, setting up a competently working healthcare model, where people will get international standard services at affordable expense.