When independence knocked on the door of this nation, economic consolidation became its need of the hour. This was all the more necessary to tackle the responsibility of the new-found independence. Old British owned businesses were changing hands. Indigenous companies were well on their way to become pillars of an emerging economic stalwart called India. A budding name in that group of indigenous growing companies that was soon to be legend was Pataka Group.

Sowing the business philosophy is credited to Mr. Giasuddin Biswas who laid the foundation stones of Pataka Group in 1949. He was born and brought up in a remote village called Chandra in the backward district of Murshidabad. He witnessed the poverty stricken people at his village and experienced the pains of his fellow men as his very own. No wonder, when he entered the business-world, alleviating pangs of social anguish and taking its members on a development curve with his own company topped his agenda.

The journey still continues. His son and current Chairman of Pataka, Mr. Mustak Hossain made the business grow exponentially. Bringing phenomenal changes to the business, under his leadership the order of business and society was redefined. Till date he remains chastely true to what the patriarch of their family had to impart to them, and his acumen is inspirational to countless endeavors. This vision and philosophy of the group has endeared its journey across the decades. It is the strength, support, backing and friendship of the associated people that drive them forward to do better in their ever-so-successful journey.