Building a new nation…

In its seven decades of existence, Pataka has been spreading its arms across many fields, exploring their goodness for the benefit of the nation. A very important one of them is the field of infrastructural development, which it has tapped with its latest venture, Pataka InfraCorp. The strength of a growing India depends upon its industrial and social developments. Pataka tries to add to that strength with this new venture.

Pataka InfraCorp resorts to building that entire necessary infrastructure that will give this nation’s industrial and social sector a surer footing. From office arrangements to factory development, from rail & road communication systems to well-organized delivery networks, from houses to townships, this company endeavours to spread its arms to as many areas as possible for the betterment of the country. The Team at Pataka InfraCorp knows that if they take the pioneering step, only then can rest of their countrymen step up the nation’s progress quotient.